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Patient Support

Our patient-support resources are dedicated to you so you can  become a more well-informed patient or caregiver. The more you know, the better you can be an active member of the care team and advocate for your health or the health of your loved one. Our resources will provide you with the tools you need to ensure you are receiving optimal care. For more, visit our Patient or Caregiver Resources.


Patient Learning Centre


Wounds Canada is proud to be the go-to organization for wound care patients and caregivers to learn, connect, find assistance and empower themselves.

Here are some the tools and resources available to you:

Patient Advocacy


That means we believe in listening to the voices and stories of patients living with or at risk of wounds and their caregivers. We wouldn’t be the organization we are today if we hadn’t spent time learning from patients and caregivers directly about their experiences navigating Canada’s health-care system. People are not their wounds; each patient has a unique story and vast wisdom to share if you choose to listen. Supporting patient autonomy and voice is one of the many ways we're enacting positive change in wound care delivery and the greater health-care system. This approach in turn fosters community and connection between patients, caregivers and health-care providers. When you donate to Wounds Canada, you’re supporting a patient-focused approach to research, advocacy, education and care that includes the following initiatives:

  • Our Voices, Our Stories” virtual Patient Journey conference, a collaborative and interprofessional event that brings together patients, caregivers and health-care providers to discuss how to improve the patient experience in wound care
  •  “Our Voices, Our Stories” an ongoing video project showcasing the voices of patients and their caregivers, a collaboration with Lakehead University led by wound care advocate Dr. Ide Costa. Share your own wound care story here.
  • Our tireless advocacy to governments across Canada to ensure they make wound prevention and care and wound care research a priority
  • Our awareness campaigns solutions that we encourage all patients to partake in, including May Foot Health Awareness Month, World Diabetes Day, Pressure Injury Prevention Day and more! Follow our social media channels to connect with us and start raising awareness about the challenges patients like yourself face navigating Canada’s health-care systems and the solutions that are available to make real, lasting change in wound care.